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virtual reality live painting experiences

Experience LIVE Virtual Reality Painting performances at your event with our acclaimed artist. Our artist who is recognized internationally for multi-disciplinary projects and performance art is currently pushing the boundaries of art and technology with pioneering 3D light sculpture paintings in Virtual Reality using Google Tilt Brush.

See below for our list of Virtual Reality Painting Experiences that can be offered for your next event.

LIVE Virtual Reality 3D Art Painting Performance

Our artist paints live in Virtual Reality wearing a VR headset as the art that is created is simultaneously streamed. This performance can be booked as a featured highlight during your event. The evolving images are dynamic glowing visuals animated to the beat of the music and can be projected onto screens, buildings, domes, ceilings, and into pools, enhancing the ambiance of any venue. This is a unique futuristic combination of art, technology and music, as the poetic movements and visuals intrigue the audience.

Virtual Reality Light Body Portraits

Imagine stepping into your "Light Body." What is that exactly? It is an artistic interpretation of your supernatural self, and our artist will create one just for you... in Virtual Reality. For example, see how it feels to have wings of an angel, shoot lasers from your eyes, ride the perfect wave, or simply embody your aura of bliss. It is a session where the artist traces an outline of your body with rays of light in 3D virtual space, and uses that "blueprint" to create a glowing, vibrating, aura painting that surrounds you. Participants will receive a digital photo of their aura via email.

Virtual Reality Art Viewing Experience

Immerse yourself in worlds of visionary bliss! This is your opportunity to connect one on one with the artist and experience the multiple dimensions of imagination. Here the artist guides you inside their art and shares a bit of their creative process. Put on the headset and walk into the artists 3D light sculpture paintings to discover treasures within. Each art piece will be a journey to be explored. 

Team Building Virtual Reality Art Workshop 

Looking for a great team building exercise? Learn some of the basic tools of painting in Virtual Reality, and create a collaborative work of art with your group. The artist will guide and facilitate the process most effective for your Team's purpose. De-stress, relax and bond by trying something new, innovative, and fun. These VR Team Building sessions are extremely engaging and help expand the mind by painting in a space of new discoveries, opening creative pathways. No previous art experience is required.

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