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We bring Virtual Reality to your event so your guests, customers, and employees can get entertained using the most talked about technology today.

How can you benefit with VR Orlando Rentals:

  • Show off your next product using Virtual Reality

  • Create Custom Virtual Reality Content for branding purposes

  • Team Building Activities for your Employees

  • Customer Appreciation Activities

  • After Hours Entertainment during Trade Shows

  • Increase booth traffic in business expo/trade show

Space Pirate Training in Action
2 Roomscale + Simulator Setup
Audio Shield + SPT in Action
Fruit Ninja in Action
Event @ Hard Rock Universal
2 Roomscale Station Set-up
Audioshield + VR Pictionary
Audio Shield Action
Set-up Cabana Bay Universal
Woody Woodpecker came to visit
Woody and Winnie Woodpecker
2 Room-Scale Setup
Sea Pirate Battle
Room-Scale Oculus Setup
Game of Thrones (The Wall)
ITBD Booth Visitors
2 Station HTC VIVE Roomscale Setup
We got a crowd
STEM Night - Innovation Middle
Our staff providing instructions
Fantastic Contraption
4th of July at Lake Eola
Inside a VR Mustang GT
Waiting to test VR
Hottest Booth before the Fireworks
Happy Customers Waiting
Corporate Set-up
Getting Instructions
Corporate Setup
Corporate Event Setup
Women Racer
Community Support
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Praxis Consulting.png
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