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VR Orlando Rentals provides virtual reality experiences for a wide range of clients. We rent virtual reality simulators for diverse groups. Servicing all around Central Florida and surrounding areas. Our aggressive growth plan leads us to start working further. Our business model is simple - provide a great environment for a group of friends, family, or coworkers to have the best experience in virtual reality.

Position: Game Master


Description:  Game Masters are responsible for managing players, controlling players throughout and
ensuring player safety.


Essential Functions:

  • Game Master will Greet guests individually as they enter to the assigned space, review the rules, and all other pre-game instructions. Once having them in the assign space, Game Master will monitor the game and guide them or give them hints to facilitate the experience of each  game. Game Master will also answer questions before each experience.

  • After each game or experience ended, a Game Master will clean and reset each station. Answer questions again and meet group after game has concluded to celebrate accomplishments especially with team building games.

  • Track operating statistics. (Anything the company needs to fix or improve to ensure the best experience for clients based on gamer’s experiences).

  • Reset game room for next group of guests.

  • When not operating a game, you'll be assisting with day-to- day operations: monitoring sales, and assisting with our overall marketing strategy (social media, corporate sales, university partnerships).


  • Good grasp of technology - basic computer skills, troubleshooting, email, gaming, etc.

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills

  • Provide enthusiastic service for all guests 

  • Monitor guests activities and engage via computer screen up to 1 hour without distraction

  • Must be able to understand and verbally articulate the meaning of Breakout and clearly explain each game room

  • Need to be able to lift up to 30 lbs., reach, squat, kneel, and climb a ladder

  • Requires standing for extended periods at a time

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Position: Sales Representative


Description: Sales Representatives are responsible for the entire sales cycle process from prospecting customer to deal closure to execution of event. 

Essential Functions:

  • Must be familiar and comfortable with cold calling prospective customers.

  • Sales Representative is an extension of VR Orlando Rentals and must adhere to our ethics and professional policies


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Position: Event Supervisor



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